Chapter 12

Professional Development

Martha L. Ellison, Sandra Posada, and Lisa RichardsonProfessional Development is the theme of chapter 12 by Ellison, Posada, and Richardson. They show how to survive in an environment when no one else has a similar position: mentorship, publish and present research, continue education, engage in life-long learning through professional development, and ultimately, practice self care.

Chapter 12, Professional Development, offers recommendations for thriving and succeeding in an environment where the academic and administrative nature of the field director’s position is unique. Mentorship, research, continuing education, and practicing self-care are ways to sustain field directors. The authors provide guidance on how to balance field responsibilities, scholarship, and promotion and tenure. Readers will be oriented to field education professional networks including the Council on Social Work Education, the Baccalaureate Program Directors, the North American Network of Field Educators and Directors, and regional consortia.

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