Chapter 7

Facilitation of Student Learning between Classroom and Field

Julia K. Moen, Denice Goodrich Liley, Sheila R. Dennis

As social work education has moved to an outcome-based model a major task of the field director is the Facilitation of Student Competence through Integration of Theory and Practice. Chapter 7 authors Julia Moen, Denice Liley, and Sheila Dennis prepare field directors for their role in contributing to program’s curriculum. The authors prepare field directors for their role in Facilitating Student Learning between Classroom and Field, by introducing learning theories that are integral to student growth toward competence. These theories underpin the teaching and learning process in field education and provide a framework for integrating theory and practice. Student reflection about their practice in systematic ways is an important learning process in field.

The ideal field delivery model, highlighted in both chapter 4 and chapter 7, is a collaborative partnership involving a synergistic learning exchange among student, field educators, faculty liaison, and university faculty. In this collaboration, failure to make a meaningful commitment by any partner can negate the work of the others. The authors envision the faculty liaison as a master teacher, related to student learning in both the university and the agency domain. Liaisons are encouraged to contribute to curriculum decisions, maintain communication with all partners, and collaborate on field education research and scholarship. In reality, liaison functions are carried out in numerous ways, often by adjunct part-time faculty; no standards exist for realizing this vision. The field director’s leadership in working with liaisons and developing effective integrative seminars including the role of seminar in preparing reflective, competent social work practitioners concludes this chapter.

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Brain Based Learning

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