Chapter 9


Ginny Terry Raymond and Lynda R. SowbelField directors play a key role deciding criteria for admission, continuance and termination in field. In chapter 9, Gatekeeping, the authors and analyzes learning difficulties students face including developmental, ethical or disability challenges.

In chapter 9, Gatekeeping, Ginny Terry Raymond and Lynda R. Sowbel analyze various points of gatekeeping when the field director is a key decision maker. These include development of criteria and policies for student admission, continuance, and termination from field. Ethics and accreditation compel all social work educators to take action if a student’s behavior and competence are not congruent with academic and professional standards. Difficult gatekeeping decisions, however, are most often made by field educators. The authors encourage field directors to follow protocol and support students through due process before a dismissal from field.

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Note: Cover design and material from Social Work Field Directors: Foundations for Excellence
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