CAROLYN KNIGHT, PhD, MSW, is a professor of social work in the School of Social Work, University of Maryland Baltimore County.   She teaches the social work methods courses in the undergraduate program and has served as a faculty field liaison for many years. She is a licensed social worker with thirty years of experience- most of it pro bono- working individually and in groups with adult survivors of childhood trauma, particularly sexual abuse. She is the author of two books and numerous articles and book chapters on working with survivors of childhood trauma in group and individual treatment.  She also has written extensively on topics ranging from classroom and field education in social work, group work education and practice, and the use of self-disclosure in clinical practice.



Note: Cover design and material from Social Work Field Directors: Foundations for Excellence
by C.A. Hunter, J. K. Moen, and M. S. Raskin (Eds.), (2014) Chicago: Lyceum.
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