DENICE GOODRICH LILEY has an MSW, MS in Gerontology, and a PhD in Social Work. She is an associate professor of social work at Boise State University School of Social Work in Boise, Idaho.  She teaches courses primarily in social work practice, aging, and end-of-life.   She is licensed in clinical social work practice and holds NASW licenses of ACSW, Diplomate and Clinical Practice in Gerontology.  She serves nationally on the Council on Field Education of the Council on Social Work Education and is associate editor for field education for the journal Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping. She has published numerous articles in the areas of student development in field practicum and aging and is a regular contributor to New Social Work Magazine.



Note: Cover design and material from Social Work Field Directors: Foundations for Excellence
by C.A. Hunter, J. K. Moen, and M. S. Raskin (Eds.), (2014) Chicago: Lyceum.
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