MICHAEL J. HOLOSKO, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, MSW, University of Toronto, holds the endowed chair as the Pauline M. Berger Professor of Family and Child Welfare at The University of Georgia, School of Social Work. He has taught across the undergraduate and graduate curriculum in schools of: social work (primarily), nursing, public administration, and applied social science in Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, Sweden, Australia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  For the past 35 years, he has been a consultant to a variety of large and small health and human service organizations in the areas of: program evaluation, outcomes, accreditation, organizational development, communication, leadership, visioning, organizational alignment, and stress management. 

He has published numerous monographs, chapters, articles, and texts in the areas of evaluation, health care, social work practice, gerontology, family and child welfare, social policy, administration, research, music intervention, and spirituality. His recent texts published in 2013 were Distinguishing Clinical from Upper level Management (2013) with Taylor &Francis, Routledge, and Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families (2013) with J.Wiley &Sons. He serves on the editorial boards of: Research on Social Work Practice; Social Work in Public Health; Journal of Human Behavior and Social Environment; the Hong Kong Journal of Social Work; Journal of Social Service Research and the Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work Practice. For a number of years, he has had both radio and television shows advocating for social justice in North America.



Note: Cover design and material from Social Work Field Directors: Foundations for Excellence
by C.A. Hunter, J. K. Moen, and M. S. Raskin (Eds.), (2014) Chicago: Lyceum.
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