SHARON C. LYTER, is professor at Kutztown University, teaching BSW and MSW level courses. She earned the Master of Social Work degree at Temple University and the PhD at Rutgers University (Social Work with minor in Abnormal Psychology). She served as director of field education, southern region, for Rutgers University and served two terms with the Council on Field Education of the Council on Social Work Education.  She is the author or co-author of scholarship in behavioral health (three book chapters, five journal articles, three international workshops). On field education, she has authored or co-authored seven journal articles including one on home visit safety and has conducted numerous national and regional workshops aimed at reducing risks to social workers. Her most recent publication is a Field Note in the Journal of Social Work Education (2012) titled Potential of field education as signature pedagogy: The field director role.



Note: Cover design and material from Social Work Field Directors: Foundations for Excellence
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